Festive Fish night at The Temperance Hall: December 23rd

We’ve just netted an unexpected date in The Temperance Hall. So I’m very pleased to be back at the Chesham home of pop up again. 

I imagine you’ll have enough turkey, goose or meat over Christmas, so I wanted to do something different. And I’ve found an excellent fish supplier, who brings in line caught fish, from Devon and Cornwall, who’ll deliver direct to me overnight.

The evening will be a 3 course menu, with 3 options for each course, and an amuse bouche. £35 per person. Let me know if you need a veggie option. The fish dishes will be selected according to what the boats have landed the day before.

As it’s Bring Your Own with no corkage, if you’re planning to get busy with the fizzy it’s great for a pre Christmas get together.
Join us in the happy clatter of knives and forks. Just ping me an email to book, with your preferred time and and dietary requirements. 

Fish night menu
Fish Nigh Menu

Get busy with the fizzy. Now taking bookings for December.

If you’re planning to get busy with the fizzy in the run up to Christmas, you can’t beat Duende for a get together.  3 courses, 3 to 4 options, bring your own wine, beer or fizzy stuff. Noel. No corkage.

Ballinger Memorial Hall

Friday 5th December – places available Saturday 6th December – six places due to cancellation Friday 12th December  – fully booked. Saturday 13 December – places available

Temperance Hall, Chesham

Saturday December 20th – fully booked.

There are also a few spaces at Hyde Heath on Saturday 15th November.

3 elks
The excitement mounts
Duende at Temperance Hall
Duende at Temperance Hall
Last week's Hyde Heath menu
Last week’s Hyde Heath Menu

The illicit flavour of tonka bean

Tonka has a flavour that seems just out of grasp, like trying to remember a name that’s on the tip of your tongue. Vanilla, almond, a tantalising hint of cherry. A fleeting resemblance to the warmth of cinnamon. In a silky creme brûlée it’s an affair that’s over far too soon.

Tonka bean, sometimes known as the love bean, has been technically illegal in the US since 1954, which leads to the odd farcical raid of a high end restaurant in New York. You won’t get arrested for enjoying it here, though.

Tonka bean creme brulee, cod cheek, chorizo and chick pea stew (sustainable of course) and an amazing pudding that’s gluten free, whilst packing a punch of 83% chocolate.

These are on for the menu for this week in Chesham, which is fully booked. Ashley Green is full too, but there are a handful of seats at Hyde Heath on 1st and 8th November.

December 20th in The Temperance Hall, Chesham is full, but we have some space in the 12 and 13 December in Ballinger.

Latest menu
Menu for this weekend at Temperance Hall

Duende returns to The Temperance Hall in October. Three course menu, plus amuse bouche.

Duende returns to The Temperance Hall for October.
Duende returns to The Temperance Hall for October.

I have some new dates to announce. I’m returning to The Temperance Hall, Chesham for two weekends in October, with an Autumn menu of 3 courses plus amuse bouche.

Friday 3rd October, Saturday 4th October
Friday 10th October, Saturday 11th October

These evenings are Bring Your Own wine (no corkage charged) and bring your own cash – we don’t take cards. There will be 4 options for each course, and as always there’ll be a veggie option for each course. This event is £30 per head for 3 courses and an amuse bouche.

Email me if you’d like to see a sample menu to whet your appetite. The October menu will be released a few weeks before the events.

In November, Duende will be popping up in Hyde Heath for 3 nights.