Upcoming dates at Chesham

We’ve had some dates released  for The Temperance Hall,  a little shorter notice than usual – it’s only 2 and half weeks away. It’s a new spring menu at £35 per person, bring your own wine, craft beers etc. Dates are Friday 29 & Saturday 30 April.



Duende pops into town

We’ve been planning a little venture into the big smoke for a while. OK it’s only a Metropolitan line away. But I can’t get all the pots and pans on the tube. ; )

Just trying now to get the right venue. There’s a separate twitter account for it, as I don’t want to bore people who are not interested in eating in town with it. If you’re interested, there’ll be updates on @duendechef on twitter.

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Tim Zekki is a chef. Tim runs Duende, a catering co and pop up restaurant and The Lop Eared Pig, which goes out to festivals and other events. Duende and The Lop Eared Pig are registered trademarks.

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