We had a reviewer in the house

We had a reviewer in last night – food and lifestyle blogger Hero Brown from Muddy Stillettoes. She said:

“The most important thing wherever you go is of course the vibe and the food and I just loved Duende last night.”

“the service was slick and the food was fabulous.”

“I’d tip the wink particularly to the beef, date cous cous, tomato and chickpeas and… well frankly the whole thing was great.” 

Read the whole review at: http://www.muddystilettos.co.uk/2014/07/26/muddy-eats-duende-pop-up-restaurant/#sthash.uQpX8jY0.dpuf

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Tim Zekki is a chef. Tim runs Duende, a catering co and pop up restaurant and The Lop Eared Pig, which goes out to festivals and other events. Duende and The Lop Eared Pig are registered trademarks.

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